Systems Final

Miranda Auth, Abigail Behrins, & Brooke Neal

Systems Final Project Documentation

March 12, 2016



Our original idea for this project was to create an interactive work that would be fun and entertaining. We were intrigued by the piano stairs that many people had created online and decided to make our own version. Rather than making each stair play a different note, we decided to record the lines of a poem. Read forwards and backwards the poem’s meaning changes, we thought this would be perfect on the stairs as it will be read in both directions as people go up and down the stairs.



Our Generation Reverse Poem

*Each numbered line represents which step it is on

1 – Our generation will be known for nothing.

2 – Never will anybody say,


3 – We were the peak of mankind.

4 – That is wrong, the truth is


5 – Our generation was a failure.

6 – Thinking that

7 – We actually succeeded

8 – Is a waste. And we know


9 – Living only for money and power

10 – Is the way to go.


11 – Being loving, respectful, and kind

12 – Is a dumb thing to do.


13 – Forgetting about that time,

14 – Will not be easy, but we will try.


15 – Changing our world for the better

16 – Is something we never did.


17 – Giving up

18 – Was how we handled our problems.


19 – Working hard

20 – Was a joke.


21 – We knew that

22 – People thought we couldn’t come back


23 – That might be true,

24 – Unless we turn things around



  1. 2 Bare Conductive Boards
  2. Alligator Clips
  3. Speaker
  4. Amplifier to attach to speaker
  5. Batteries for bare conductive Boards
  6. Sound Recordings
  7. Copper Tape
  8. Electrical Tape
  9. Sound recordings of poem
  10. Cord splitter
  11. Zoom Recorder



  1. Recorded ourselves, classmates, and professor reading the poem, alternating line by line on a zoom recorder.
  2. Uploaded sounds to Audacity then divided each recording by each group up line by line.
  3. Listened to all the sounds to determine which person sounded the best for each line.
  4. Divided them up and converted the Audacity files to MP3, renamed TRACK000 and so on in order to upload to the Bare Conductive boards.
  5. Uploaded them to the Bare Conductive boards.
  6. Soldered wire to copper tape.
  7. Attached the soldered cords to the cement steps using the copper tape, and taped another piece of copper tape about six inches outwards.
  8. Used alligator clips to attach the wires to the Bare Conductive Board.
  9. Turn on the boards and the speakers and step on the lines of copper tape.
  10. Tested our system by going up the steps barefoot/in socks.










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