Emotions Heat Map

All humans feel their emotions in the same place in their bodies, so I decided to pick six important emotions to me and map them on a heat map. I edited the heat map for the water temperature, and overplayed bodies showing where emotions are most felt. The warmer colors indicate where warmer sensations were felt and the cooler colors indicate where less sensation is felt.






The Weeping Willow

Originally from China, the willow tree can be found in North America. They usually grow near a pond, swamp, or other body of water and need direct sunlight. They can reach heights of 70 feet but have a short lifespan of 30 years. There is a lot of meaning behind the willow tree and how it got its name. In China, willow is a symbol of immortality and rebirth. It also symbolizes grief in other parts of the world. There is a lot of superstition surrounding the willow trees and there are legends that witches made broomsticks out of their branches. The Weeping Willow got its name from the water that would fall from the branches, because the leaves can retain a lot of water, and the drops of water that fall symbolize tears.



Senses System

Snakes use their tongues not to taste their prey, but to smell their prey. Their mouth is designed so that they can stick their tongue out through a slit in their mouth without actually opening their mouth. Their tongue can pick up chemicals and particles and bring it back into their mouth, where a sensor call Jacobsen’s Organ – which is connected to the brain – can detect the smell. Snakes do have nostrils but the majority of their smelling comes from using their tongue.





Food chain system

I drew a food chain system for this assignment. As you can see, the sun provides energy to the grass and plants and this enables them to grow. The mouse (2) then eats grass and plants. The snake (3) eats the mouse, who then gets eaten by a hawk/owl (4). When birds die, they are decomposed and broken down by fungi (5) and are turned into nutrients in the soil, which then allows the grass and plants to keep growing.